IDCAG project

In 2005 Web Marketing Services partnered with IDCAG to develop a new website. The new site was ahead of its time. Few others were as innovative in providing quality tools and online resources for their constituents. Around the same time IDCAG leadership was also a vital catalyst in the development of the site. Born before Facebook was popular, this web 2.0 site offered unique interactive features. A lot has changed since then. This was years before the first iPhone was introduced and few thought about the mobile aspects of web development. Styles, techniques and technology have also changed. The one thing that remains the same is Web Marketing Services’ commitment to helping clients succeed online. It's been a privilege to work with IDCAG on several projects over these many years. The latest is a redesign of their flagship online property,


Back-end Development
CMS Implementation
Responsive Design
Search Engine Optimization
Web Design
Website Maintenance