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...Mike (company President) raves about the website all the time and knows it is heads and tails better than most competition. In fact, he had a friend in the business that lives out of state tell him how great they think the site is! We rave about you and I recommend you any time I can!

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The Robinson family has been associated with the fence industry since 1968 when the founder of Robinson Fence, Ray Robinson, was hired as a residential fence salesman for a local company. Robinson Fence was a mostly local fence contractor up until the late 1990's. In the early 2000's, Robinson Fence turned its focus more to the commercial and industrial fence markets. Today Robinson Fence services a five state area (Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas).

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Set for SEO Success

In 2013 I was contracted to built a new site for Robinson. This early development included SEO optimization which set the foundation for long-term success. A first step in ranking high in the search engines is to get the initial layout and structure of the site right. Next comes quality content entered by someone trained in SEO. The person doing the entry of the content doesn't need to be an SEO expert, they only need to know and practice the basics. Combined, these elements are an important start which can lead to huge SEO success. That is what has happened with According to, it's estimated that receives 1.9 times the traffic of the nearest competitor for the query “fence company springfield mo”. also does very well with longtail searches related to the products they offer. Often their listings take up 2 and even 3 listing slots on page 1 of search results. Results can change from day to day based on various variables, but examples at the time of this writing include the following search queries -

  • commercial chain link fence springfield - #2 in map pack, #1 & #2 in organic
  • custom fence springfield - #1 & #2 in organic
  • gate operators & access control springfield - #1 in organic
  • ornamental fence springfield - #1 in map pack, #1 & #2 in organic
  • post and rail fence springfield - #1 & #2 in organic
  • residential chain link fence springfield - #2 in map pack #1 & #2 in organic
  • temporary fence springfield - #1 in map pack, #1 in organic
  • vinyl fence springfield - #2 in organic
  • wood fence springfield - #1 in map pack, #1 in organic estimated traffic for query "fence company springfield mo"

Excellent Search Ranking For Springfield But Opportunities For Growth In Other Locations

As you can see from the statistics above does extremely well in Springfield, MO related searches. You could hardly ask for better results. Many companies wish for a single spot on page one of Google search results. Robinson Fence has achieved 2 and sometimes 3 top positions on the coveted 1st page of search results. This translates into 100s of dollars of free advertising. But Springfield isn't the only community that Robinson services. They also serve all of SW Missouri. In addition, they have recently added offices in Tulsa, OK and Gunter, TX. It is these communities outside of Springfield which represent search marketing opportunities which we are just beginning to tap. This includes the recent development of a new landing page targeting Tulsa.

Adding Google Search Ads To The Marketing Mix

As mentioned above, Robinson needed to reach communities outside of Springfield where they have yet to achieve the same level of organic search ranking success. To achieve this goal, Google Ads was an ideal addition to their marketing mix. Google Ads has allowed us to be specific in the locations we target. Plus, using conversion tracking we can see which ads are working and which are not. By assigning values to each conversion we can get an accurate idea of what is paid for each lead received. Better data leads to better decisions giving the clients I serve a competitive edge.

...We have used Web Marketing Services for both the development of our company website and for digital marketing. The digital marketing efforts have been so successful that we have had to pause because we have so much work!

Susan Robinson Robinson Fence Company


Robinson is another example of a long-term client I've had the privilege to partner with. It's been fun to watch them succeed on many levels. As they grow and face new challenges, I look forward to the opportunity to work hard and provide them with the online marketing expertise they need for continued success.